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“Tannin offers quality Tasmanian food at excellent value – a tribute to the chefs operating in this remote location.”

Food & Beverages at
Corinna Wilderness Village


Corinna today gives no signs that it was once a throbbing west coast hub to hundreds of people. The respect for that heritage is captured in the remaining buildings, interpretive signage and particularly in the “Old Pub” (now a guest cottage), which played a significant part in the town’s history.


The township sits on three hectares, surrounded by Tarkine Wilderness. There is a public toilet block within the hotel, boat ramps for fishermen and boat trailer parking facilities. The wilderness cottages surround an open air produce store, which houses communal gas barbecues. This area provides an excellent gathering place or function venue for guests.


Reception is open daily from 8am to 7pm in Peak season (15th September to 15th May) and 9am to 5pm in Off-Peak season (15th May to 15th September). There are gifts and limited provisions available for purchase in the Corinna general store. Please keep in mind there is no mobile phone reception or wifi connectivity in Corinna.


The Tannin Restaurant

The Tarkine Hotel is a focal point for the Corinna community. It houses in the same building, the wonderful Tannin restaurant, named after the tannin stained waters of the Pieman and its tributaries.


Tannin offers excellent food using local Tasmanian ingredients where possible. We source genuine Tasmanian seafood, fruit, vegetables and meat from local businesses.


Tannin is famous for homemade soups and sauces. Dishes served for dinner include our ever-popular fresh Tasmanian Salmon and the old favourite: Tasmanian Scotch Fillet Steak cooked to your liking. As well as our standard menu, our chefs prepare different specials at different stages in the season, there are dishes to suit all tastes.


The Tannin restaurant serves lunch and dinner daily during the Peak season (mid-Sept to mid-May). Lunch is 12pm-2pm with no bookings necessary. Dinner is 6pm onwards, and bookings are essential. For those wishing to stay during our Winter or Off-Peak season, our chefs prepare a selection of fresh dishes that can be conveniently reheated in your cottage using your gas stove top, and the crockery provided. Our friendly reception team will contact you prior to your stay to provide a copy of our Winter meal options if you are staying between the 15th May and the 15th September. Alternatively, as the cottages are fully self-contained, you are welcome to bring your own supplies to create to your content.

*Please note: Our restaurant is closed for lunch and dinner from 15th May to the 15th September. We still provide a continental breakfast from 9am to 10am in the Off-Peak season.

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The Ahrberg Bar

Also housed in the Tarkine Hotel is the classic Ahrberg Bar, the place to be in for Corinna for a refreshing beverage or cafe style coffee. Named after Johnny Ahrberg, the west coast’s well renowned ferryman of the Pieman River, Ahrberg is a place to meet and to socialise. Many guests share stories of life from all over the world while relaxing with a glass of fine Tasmanian wine and a fresh homemade muffin or biscuit from Somerset’s VJ’s Bakery.


A selection of local Tasmanian wines and beers are served at the bar, which is really a tavern, as no accommodation is available in the hotel itself. Some of the well known Tasmanian wineries we host flavours from include Josef Chromy, Holm Oak and the exceptional Pressing Matters. Beer is served in a can or in schooners and both James Boag and Cascade will be sure to give you a refreshing fix.


Corinna also hosts a collection of local Tasmanian spirits, and global brands such as Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and Bundaberg. The new whiskey bar provides guests access to a range of top shelf Tasmanian whiskeys, distilled locally throughout the state. Tasting notes give you a sense of the aging process and the flavours and style of each product.


The Ahrberg bar is open daily, all year round. Hours vary depending on the time of year. During Peak season, operating hours are 8am-7pm, while during Off-Peak season hours are from 9am-5pm. Takeaway beverages are available at standard retail prices. BYO is available at a $10 surcharge per bottle.

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“The Ahrberg Bar offers top shelf Tasmanian beverages, sharing the history of these hard-working, local families with travellers from all over.”

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