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“The Link Walk hugs the Savage River and presents yet another dimension to the Tarkine rainforest – some of the staff at Corinna claim that this is the best of all the short walks!”

Wilderness Walk

Forest Walks At Corinna Wilderness Village

From the village of Corinna, the forest walks are a wonderful example of pristine temperate rainforest. With boardwalks sensitively placed in wet areas, these tracks provide easy access to a sample of the rich biological diversity (including colourful fungi in the autumn) and beauty of the river and rainforest ecosystem. Many walks are equipped with flora and township interpretations.


If you are interested in any of the walks at Corinna, please feel free to view the activities map, or view the below descriptions.

Burrowing Crayfish Area


The Burrowing Crayfish Area is a short 3 minute introduction to the unique species of freshwater Burrowing Crayfish, endemic to Tasmania and Victoria. Starting opposite the Corinna pub following the 50m boardwalk behind the Great Western Cottage that also leads to the Old Telegraph Hill walk. To reach the observation point, take the right fork on the boardwalk and you will see the sitting platform and notice the numerous remarkable burrows the crayfish create. Further information on the species is located on a sign outside the Tarkine Hotel.

Savage River Walk


Where the Huon Pine Walk ends, marks the start of the Savage River walk. The Savage River Walk provides an amazing transect of primary rainforest that offers a fresh dimension. The 3km trek to the pontoon at Savage River traverses huge myrtle beech and old Huon Pine. It has magnificent views of the Pieman River from the ridges. The walk terminates at the site where the SS Croydon was sunk on the Savage River. The wreck is visible in the right weather conditions. The return walk can take about four hours, so some guests arrange to kayak one way in the afternoon and walk back, taking in the rainforest from two completely different perspectives.

Huon Pine Walk


At the southern edge of the Tarkine in Corinna, and one of Tasmania’s Top 50 Short Walks, this walk follows the banks of the mysteriously dark Pieman River through thick and tangled forest. The 20 minute boardwalk starts in the Corinna car-park, and winds through rainforest to a viewing platform, featuring signed identification of the most common species occurring in the myrtle beech rainforest of the southern Tarkine. An old Huon pine specimen hangs over the Pieman River. The vegetation that climbs up from the riverbank shows off almost every shade of green, and is reflected beautifully in the dark waters of the Pieman.

Whyte River Track


The stunning Whyte River winds through the Tarkine, feeding into the Pieman River. It is well known for its beautiful reflective water, which creates some spectacular photographic opportunities. This 1.5 hour loop track takes you up the banks of the Pieman to the mouth of the Whyte. It is the perfect place to see the Tarkine forest, as well as much of its native wildlife. Birds, Wallabies and Pademelons are a common sight along this track, feeding on the nutritious ribbon grass when the river tide is low. Platypus may also be sighted, especially at dawn or dusk. The track is convenient for people who wish to take a shorter walk, as it starts and ends in Corinna.

whyte river table area.jpg

“Seasoned walkers often take the track to Mount Donaldson, and others have made transects along the coast from Pieman Heads to Granville Harbour to the south, or Pieman Heads to the Interview River to the north using Corinna as a base.”

Link Walk


Created since the opening of Corinna Wilderness Village in 2005, this short walk has been added to marry up the points where the Savage River Walk ends, and continues along the Savage River up to the bridge over the Savage River on the Western Explorer Highway to the start of Mount Donaldson. This has been called the Link Walk, because it provides a link between Corinna and Mount Donaldson on foot. By doing a combination of the three walks, you can expect to see an array of different forest highlights over an 8-10 hour period. Of course, guests can tackle the Link Walk in its own right rather than doing the Mount Donaldson Walk from the Savage River Bridge. There are steep sections along the riverbed.

Mount Donaldson Walk


Accessible by road approximately 9km from Corinna, the Mt Donaldson Track offers some of the most spectacular views of the Tarkine. On a clear day you can see the waves breaking at the mouth of the Pieman River as well as an amazing panoramic view. These amazing views are owed to the lack of mature vegetation on Mt Donaldson, much of which was destroyed by a severe bush fire in 2008. The summit is predominately button grass. Although the climb to the peak is not particularly demanding, it is recommended to take appropriate footwear and some warm clothing as the peak is very exposed. Your hosts can provide guests with assistance to tackle this 4km return climb, and a variety of other longer walks.

Gravestones Walk


Located on the southern side of the Pieman River just beyond the ferry/barge is the 50m board walk to the graves of two local pioneer publicans - Thomas Davis and Gameliel Webster. Both men have cottages at Corinna named after them, Davis and Webster. The original headstones were carved out of huon pine but they have been removed and are on display in the Queen Victoria Museum in Launceston. They have been replaced by identical replicas that are maintained by the local Parks and Wildlife service and can be viewed by following the 3 minute walk.

Old Telegraph Hill


The Old Telegraph Hill walk is a short 30-minute hill climb alongside an old cable line, highlighting the beautiful rainforest the Tarkine Area is known for. The signposted 1.5km walk begins behind the Great Western Cottage. The walk is board walked for the first 50m. From here, the trail leaves the boardwalk and quickly climbs uphill 100m via a muddy and overgrown bush track. Navigation can be tricky at times due to the intrusive nature of the lush rainforest canopy blocking out natural light. Beautiful myrtles and leatherwood trees, surrounded by Blechnum ferns guide your way to the top of the hill. There is no view from the summit. The walk returns via the same route.

Philosopher's Falls Walk


This walk of less than 2 hours has it all – enabling walkers to explore the Arthur River following a historical mining race, and to find the waterfalls that were first discovered by Philosopher Smith while in search of tin and silver. From Waratah, drive for 10km in the direction of Corinna and look out for the signposted turnoff. It’s a short distance down this gravel road to the walking track car park. The track winds through eucalypt and myrtle forest. Follow the historic water race as it cuts through the rocky banks of the river. Workers in the early 1900s built the race by hand to take water to the tin mines near Waratah. The track follows this water race with views looking down over the river, before a descent to a viewing platform beside Philosopher Falls.

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